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Membership Fees

Annual Membership $20

AAC Special Friend  $50

AAC Enthusiast $100

AAC Patron $250

AAC "Art Fiend" $500 and up


Second Tuesday of each month.
Located at Hadley Hall, at Arlington Boys & Girls Club, 18513 59th Ave NE Arlington

5 pm — Doors open, set up

5:30 pm —Artist workshop/demo/speaker

6:30 pm —Meeting

At most meetings we present a 45-minute artist workshop that is meant to inspire artists and art enthusiasts.

At 5:30pm we will discuss and plan events following an agenda set by the president and board of directors. 


Visitors and members are encouraged to bring a piece of art to show. 


Schedule for Artist Workshop/Demo/Speaker 

Arlington Arts Council Artist Presentations
Location: Arlington Boys & Girls Club, Hadley Hall, 18513 59th Ave. NE Arlington
Classes may be cancelled, please follow Arlington Arts Council Facebook or website.

January demo:  Michael Hofferbert

 "Fun with Papier Mache" :    Michael says, "I describe it as creating on a budget  or pauper mache, as it can be done on the cheap. I will be concentrating on simple mask-making for the demo/presentation."


February:  Allen Bollinger

Allen Bollinger is an abstract painter who was represented by Post Gallery in Los Angeles and has shown in numerous galleries throughout Southern California.  He has been represented in the Absolute International Art Biennial and his work is in collections in both Europe and North America.

He will give a brief talk about the what and why of modern contemporary abstract art.  “What’s the point of a canvas covered with an even coat of plain white paint?  Why is it in a museum?”  Weather permitting he will also be bringing some examples from his personal collection.


March:   Janet Lehwalder    ( Paints on silk )

 Quote from website: 

“I paint on silk.  I love the way silk’s natural luster adds light to the colors.  I love the way you can choose among many surface textures. Silk is a strong vibrant natural fiber that is beautiful all by itself.”

April:   Nicki Wight, watercolorist

Nicki will be showing us some tips and tricks to beautiful watercolor paintings.

Quote from website

“ Water color is magical. I have always loved the translucent qualities of watercolor. It is so fresh and ethereal. After I retired as a graphic designer and illustrator, I decided to start painting in my favorite medium, watercolor.” 







Monthly Meetings

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