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Peace Plaza Dedicated to Sarah Arney of Arts Council


This week, the obelisk in the Peace Plaza was completed with the installation of glass art. The plaza was dedicated to Sarah Arney, Arlington Arts Council President. City Council members, Arlington staff, Arts Council members, and members of the community attended the unveiling of the Peace Plaza, located on the Centennial Trail near Haller Avenue.


Each side of the obelisk represents the regions of our valley; hills to the north, mountains to the east, city to the south, and farmland to the west. The obelisk art was created by Gerry Newcomb, and concrete by Cuz Concrete employees.


Mayor Tolbert recognized Sarah Arney by saying, "We are so grateful that you ended up in Arlington, and we want to make sure that your legacy stays here. Thank you for your beautification, your legacy, and your dedication to art for Arlington."


Funding for the project was through the City's public art fund and Arlington Arts Council.