Public Art Collection

Art enhances public places and illustrates the story of our community.


The City of Arlington supports the acquisition of art for public places. In 2007, Arlington City Council adopted an ordinance that sets aside 1% of the cost of construction projects for the acquisition of new public art.


Arlington Arts Council facilitates the acquisition of art. The not-for-profit organization is committed to bringing quality art experiences to the community of Arlington.

AAC presents one major fundraiser each year, the Fall into Art Auction to raise funds for public art and art activities for all ages.



Images of the Public Art

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Public Art of Arlington


Centennial Fountain by Charles Bigger

for Washington State Centennial
In Centennial Park, Division Street
Date: 1989, commissioned by City of Arlington


“Species of the Westside” mural by Harry Engstrom
On the Olympic Hill retaining wall 
Date:  2003, for Arlington's Centennial

Paid for by the City of Arlington


“The Run of Number One” mural

Designed by Sher Willoughby and painted by Harry Engstrom

and his Stillaguamish Valley School Mural Class. 

Location:  south of Fourth Street facing Centennial Trail
2003, paid for by Stillaguamish Valley School


Airplane mural by Harry Engstrom

Location: Arlington Municipal Airport
2003 Paid for by City of Arlington Airport


Community Garden mural by Tina Wilson
On the garden shed in the Community Garden across from Arlington Library
2003, commissioned by the Arlington Garden Club


“Tribute to Arlington Firefighters” collage by Arlene Swartz
Arlington Fire Department
2003; purchased by Arlington Arts Council


"Seven-foot Wingspan” painting by Verena Schwippert
Location: Arlington High School Library
Date: 2004 Paid for by the Arlington Arts Council

“Salmon Spawning Pool” granite bench by Verena Schwippert 
Location:  Centennial trail near Burke Street
2004, comissioned by Arlington Centennial/City of Arlington


“Stilly Valley Victorian” mural by Harry Engstrom
Facing Centennial Trail in the 400 block
2004, Paid for by City of Arlington PARC


Glastar mural by Harry Engstrom
Location: Arlington Municipal Airport
Date: 2005 Paid for by Arlington Airport


“Overhead/Underfoot” by Kathryn Glowen
Bleeding Heart, Salmonberry, Staghorn Sumac and Columbine
Location:  City Hall Council Chambers
Date:  2005 Paid for by Arlington Arts Council and City of Arlington


“Dedicated to the Beauty of Earth” by Verena Schwippert 
Location: Centennial Trail between Fourth and Fifth streets
Date:  2005 Donated by Virginia Hatch in honor of Jim Hatch


Mural at Kid’s Kloset by Carey Waterworth, Monica Yantis and other members of the AAC
Location:  A Building, old Arlington High School
Date: 2005 Donated by Arlington Arts Council


“Council of Salmon” by Marguerite Goff
Location: City Hall south side exterior wall
Date: 2007 Paid for by Arlington Arts Council & the City of Arlington


“Grandfather” sculpture by James Madison
Location: Centennial Trail
Date: 2007 City of Arlington & Arlington Arts Council


"Raven Captures the Sun" sculpture by James Madison
Location: north of Fifth Street on Centennial Trail
Date: 2008, paid for by AAC and City of Arlington


“Center of the Universe” sculpture by Kirk McLean
Location: Plaza at Cityhall
Purchased by City of Arlington & Arlington Arts Council
Date: 2007


"Norwegian Story Pole" sculpture by Steve Jensen
Location: Centennial Trail near Fourth Street
Date: 2008 City of Arlington & Arlington Arts Council


"Streamlife of the Stillaguamish River" mural by Harry Engstrom
Westside of Olympic Hill 

 2008, Arlington Arts Council & City of Arlington


"The Labyrinth" designed by Sarah Lopez
In Lebanon Park  near Centennial Trail

2008, materials paid by AAC and installation by community volunteers

"Flat Tire" by Lance Carleton
Location: Legion Park/Centennial Trail
Date: 2009 Arlington Arts Council


"Waterline"  granite sculpture by Verena Schwippert  
Location: Lebanon Park 
Date: 2011  Arlington Arts Council


"Mayor Margaret's Eagle" bronze by Bill Matheson 
Location: City Council Chambers entrance 
Date: 2011 Arlington Arts Council 


Art banners on light posts around town, community art project 2006 - 2007 and again in 2011. Examples "Salmon in Stream" by Carey Sorensen, "Blue Heron" by Helen Lueken.  

Reprints made in 2012 for Edgecomb in 2014 for 67th Avenue


Spider Bike Rack by Mike Nordine

Location:  Arlington Skatepark

Date: 2012, purchased by Arlington Arts Council


"Sound Garden" interactive musical instruments

located south of Legion Park on the Centennial Trail. 

Installed 2012-2013, funded by AAC and the community 


Bird Mosaics by Renee O'Connor

in the retaining wall on 67th Avenue/Centennial Trail.
2014, City of Arlington, as part of 67th Avenue project.


"Rooted Embrace" metal sculpture by Debbi Rhodes
Centennial Trail between Third and Fourth streets
 2014, commissioned by Arlington Arts Council

Haiku Poetry in 67th Avenue Plaza 2014

"Honoring Tenses of Time" sculpture by Julie Berger at the Community Transit Center 2014.

"Transporting through Arlington" mural on Mike Nordine's building at Centennial Trail by 4th Street.  By youth with adult mentors. 2015

Kent Baker Memorial Bench at Legion Park 2015 by Lance Carleton

"Fishing the Stillaguamish" osprey sculpture by Dan Brown on Haller Bridge 2015

Community Garden Art murals by youth. 2015

"Embraced by Love" globe mosaic at Legion Park by Immaculate Conception Church for Centennial Celebration. 2016

Salmon Pole by Mike Nordine and AAC members 2016

"Dairy Queens" mural by Harry Engstrom at the Co-op.  2016

The Bell on the Centennial Trail 2016.  Bell by Steve Bryant, structure by Sarah Lopez


"Going to Ride" mural at Haller Park bridge pillar.  Image by Janet Meyer, painted by AAC members 2016


Haiku Rocka at Terrace Park.  Haiku by Jean Olson 2017 & 2018 by Carl Richardson


Terrace Park Stage 2017 mural refurbishing by Sarah Arney and Vicki Johnson.

Centennial Trail mile marker mosaics 2017 by Renee O'Connor.

"Sir Hops Alot" granite frog at Haller Park 2017 by George Pratt.

Fence Art, owl near Arlington Police Station on Centennial Trail.  By Erika Bruss and youth.


 Quilt Block mural at merchant's parking lot downtown.  2017 Led by Sarah Lopez, painted by AAC members Shiela Arnold, Marilyn Oertle, Jean Olson and Sarah Arney

Terrace Park Owl Murals by Erika Bruss & Kristina Yantis 2017

Cows at Jensen Park by AAC members 2017

Haiku Benches at Terrace Park 2018, engraved by Erika Bruss

"Rip Rap" sculpture by Reg Akright. A memorial to George Boulton. Placed by City Hall. 2018

"Duck Dash" a reprint by Jack Gunter at Haller Park. 2018

"Steelies" metal fish art, by Arlington Arts Council members- Monica Bretherton, Erika Bruss, Mike Nordine, Tim Johnson. Installed in 67th Ave. Medians 2018.

"Silent Hunter" wood carved cougar bench by Jacob Lucas at Olympic Avenue and First Street. 2019

"Ottoman" granite bench by Verena Schwippert at Arlington Valley Road. 2019

"Pause" Cascade granite bench by Verena Schwippert at Arlington Valley Road. 2019

"Going with the Flow" granite sculpture by Verena Schwippert at Airport Blvd. 2020

Skatepark Mural 2020 by Josh Robinson




Centennial Fountain 1989

Three Beauties 2004

Overhead/Underfoot  2005

Norwegian Story Pole 2008

Spider Bike Rack 2012

"Rooted Embrace" 2014


"Rip Rap" 2018