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Janet Myer

I began my professional art career at the age of twelve as an oil painter. Ten years later, I graduated from of the University of Puget Sound School of Fine Art. My portfolio includes freelance and graphic work as well as book illustration, commercial art, and theatre backdrop painting. I enjoy working in a variety of painting and drawing media with diverse subject matter. Recurring themes in my work often reflect traditions and legends from the Cowlitz Tribe, of which I am an enrolled member. 

Over time, my artistic journey has compelled me to keep going in the face of not knowing what the results will be. It has become clear to me, that part of my artistic purpose is to learn, and somehow I have been given the grace to know that everything will turn out the way it’s supposed to. I believe that art is a humanistic endeavor in which form is put forth and flowed into. I often feel more at home inside my mind rather than outside it. As a result, I tend to pour myself into my work, and submit to a sort of binary fission from it at the end, becoming so much more enriched by each creative experience. I do not believe that I have the ability to generate emotion in those who may come in contact with my work, but through color, value, form, composition, and, genre, perhaps I can lay the groundwork for connection.

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