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Elizabeth Walter


I have been taking pictures since I was in 4th grade when my parents gave me my first camera. My dog was my favorite photographic subject at the time and didn’t complain like my sisters did when I said “hold still”. In high school I saved up all my babysitting money to purchase my first “real” camera with interchangeable lenses. What a new world opened up for me with a telephoto lens. When digital cameras came out, I purchased one and have never been happier with experimenting. I would never have dreamed of taking thousands of photographs on vacation when I was using a film camera! The only problem I have now is organizing all of them. I have gotten much better at deleting than I used to be!

My love of art has entered a new phase recently. My husband Doug and I opened an art gallery called Ornamental Arts Gallery in Marysville. I have a little of my photography in there, but what I really enjoy is encouraging others to explore their own creative side. There is so much talent here in the Northwest! When I can get some time away from the gallery, I still thoroughly enjoy spending time with my camera. Outside, with my husband, my dogs, and the freedom to take as many pictures as I want—that is heaven on earth for me.

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