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Conference Room Painting Comes to Life

The art is installed at the Stillaguamish Conference Room! Title is "Fall on the Stilly."

April 15-16 Happier with the river. I added an indentation on the beach, so it looks less like a floating piece of land, and more like a beach that disappears into the water. The trees and bushes are coming along. The foliage has to be laid in from dark to light, so the highlights and lightest greens will go in close to last. Now I need to figure out how to put believable sand and pebbles on the beach.

April 12 & 13 - Trying to get the water right. Grrrrrrrrr.....still not right, but progressing.

April 10- More evolutions... I have repainted this river and bank a bazillion times... Can't seem to get it right.

April 3- For some reason, I've been stymied as to how to proceed this last week. I have to be able to see the finished piece in my head, and I had artist's block on the vision. But I broke through to the next phase. Onward!

March 25, 2017- Follow along as artist Vicki Johnson creates a commissioned painting for the Stillaguamish Conference Room at Arlington Public Works building. Read the blog from the bottom to the top.


Having difficulty getting the water right... I think I'm channeling Maxfield Parrish.

Details/Close up

Possible Alternatives Wondering if I should vary the bank edge, for interest...even though it didn't really look that way...

Adding more translucent layers

Coming along

I'm liking the cobalt in the water, but the sky is too turquoise. Will adjust that soon.

Painting the first layers of color, getting the values right.

So far so good. It has promise, I don't hate it.

Next steps

Roughing in the layout. Still very adjustable and erasable at this point. This is the time to solve any composition problems.

In the Beginning…

Doesn't look like much yet, it's just the underpainting. The orange will help it glow from underneath other layers of color.

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